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We hope you will find this site informational and helpful. Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Houston Engineering and Scientific Society Club (HESS Club). Our technical sessions start at 11:00 AM we have a lunch program and conclude at 1:00 PM. Members and guests can register for our meetings and events on the left panel of this opening page. Please use the Quick Links on this page to visit our Calendar of Events. If you are interested in learning more about membership opportunities please access the Membership tab above.

See the Officers tab to drill down to view their contact information and bio. Our officers and committee chairs have unanimously adopted the below Mission Statement and Vision for our chapter. We expect to be held accountable to uphold these goals.

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Contact us at info@ashraehouston.org for additional information.

Mike Donovan / ASHRAE Houston Chapter President 2013-2014


Mission Statement

ASHRAE Houston’s mission is to serve the local air conditioning and refrigeration community, working to fill their overall needs with networking opportunities, educational resources, and industry certifications.

ASHRAE Houston will support its members, while seeking to expand membership, with programs and committee involvement throughout the year, fueled by our officers and committee chairs who are committed to delivering exceptional membership value.


To be known and recognized as the best ASHRAE chapter regionally and nationally.


A Message from the President!

Welcome to all of our members (new and seasoned!) .  I hope you’re as excited as I am about what we have accomplished locally in our ASHRAE Houston Chapter and what we have coming up for the upcoming  year.  I am looking forward to serving as your local Chapter President for the 2013-2014 year.  Last year, our chapter reached a new level of success by earning the Golden Gavel award, which is recognition for the best chapter in Region VIII.  Several individuals and board positions were also recognized for outstanding performance  within both the region and the nation in 2012-2013.  It’s going to be difficult to duplicate last year’s success - hat’s off to Mr. Neely for getting us across the goal line for the Golden Gavel!  Since I have been involved at ASHRAE at the board level or committee head level since 1999 (seems like an eternity), the chapter has really picked up a lot of momentum in all facets of the chapter operation.  We were, by several touchdowns, the most decorated chapter at the last regional CRC in Austin.

Coming into the next year of ASHRAE I really want to focus on engaging the Engineering, Contractor, and End-User members in our programs and also really back involved in the chapter operations.  We will be looking to try some different meeting venues and times to best serve the membership and it’s desire to have really strong programs.  Over the last 4-5 years the meeting attendance has grown to about 100 members on average per meeting.  We have almost 700 members in the Houston and surrounding area so getting and engaging the membership better is of paramount importance.  Kimberly Thompson was so kind to put together a survey asking for feedback and several suggested that alternate times or length of meeting was of concern as well as potential new topics.  We listened and will put some of those measures and suggestions in place. 

ASHRAE continues to be THE GO-TO technical arm for many construction-based building code language, LEED programs, reference material for “in kind” industries , and jurisdictional design guidelines and codes within nearly every community.  This is not stopping. ASHRAE is only getting stronger and more involved in the aforementioned areas of our lives and workplace.  It’s because of the exceptional and altruistic membership that devotes their time and treasure to the ASHRAE cause locally, regionally, and nationally. 

In 2013-2014 we look forward to providing every member with the best possible membership experience.  We sincerely Thank You for your contributions and your loyalty. 

All the best,

Mike Donovan / ASHRAE Houston Chapter President 2013-2014 

P.S.  We could use more volunteers!!!!

Last Meeting For This

2013-2014 Season Is

May 21.